Wedding Day Timing and Details

What do I do if I need to change any details (location, time, number of people) for my wedding?

Please contact Julie if need to make any changes. We try our hardest to accommodate you but if details change close to the wedding date, we can’t always guarantee flexibility with our artist/stylist schedules.

Any changes made within 60 days of the wedding date are not eligible for any refunds.

Who do I call on the day of for any last minute issues?

You can reach us at 513-549-3143

How long does it take per person for makeup and hair on the wedding day?

30-45 minutes per service. More complex looks could take 45+ minutes. The bride usually takes 45 minutes to an hour. With Covid-19 protocols, add another 10 minutes for infection control per person. For example, a party of 6 would need 5 hours.

Is there anything I need the day of the wedding?

On the wedding day, your makeup artist and hairstylists will bring everything they need to service you at your location. The only thing we need is access to an electrical outlet.

Should I make a schedule for my group for the day of the wedding?

If you’d like!  If there is a particular order for services, please let us know prior to your wedding day.  Generally, we find that making sure that there is someone in each artist or stylist’s chair at all times works best! Please make sure both you and your attendants are present for services, as any delays will affect our timelines and could incur overtime charges.

How should my attendants and I prepare for the day of?

Everyone should come with a clean face and clean, DRY hair. Blow drying will incur an additional charge unless discussed prior to your wedding day.

Are lashes included in my services?

Lashes are included!

What should I have with me throughout the wedding day for touch- ups?

For touch-ups, we recommend purchasing the FACEing by BRIDEface lip color of your choice. While the makeup we do is long wearing, you can’t fight food and drink! You can also purchase your additional products to take on your honeymoon.

What if I want to purchase my lip color for my wedding day?

If you would like to purchase your FACEing by BRIDEface lip colors for your wedding day, we suggest doing that when you are in the studio at your trial. If you wish, order it online via our website. Note: Please be sure to order at least 14 days prior to your wedding day, so you have it on the day.

Can my bridesmaids use your makeup if they’re not using your services? 

We respectfully ask that no one is allowed to touch or use anything in our kit due to infection control protocols and for liability reasons. Thank you for understanding. If they would like to add on a service the day of and your schedule allows, there is a $20 last minute fee that can be payable to BRIDEface via Venmo.