FACEing Classes

photo of the brideface studio set up for a class

Have a bunch of makeup you don't know what to do with?  Have a teen and they don't know where to start?  Want to learn how to give yourself a blowout? Have a kid and have zero idea how to do their hair? BRIDEface proudly offers our FACEing classes -- a way to put your best face forward (with a little help from us).

Classes can be 1 on 1 or included you and up to four of your friends!  We have a variety of classes to choose from including:

Makeup Classes:

Makeup Bag Makeover: Bring your whole makeup bag and we'll show you what to keep, what to pitch, and give you a list of items you may want to add, as well as tips and tricks on how to apply a basic, everyday face with a touch of glam. This is our most popular class. 

Go Glam:  Take that basic face and bump it up a notch!  We'll help you create an evening look that will stay while you dance the night away.

Mature Makeup: 40+?  So are we (well, some of us are!).  As we age, our skin changes and the makeup we may have done in our 20s doesn't look quite the same.  We'll help you modernize your makeup so you feel fabulous -- at any age.

Teen Beauty: Have a teen or tween who's just learning how to do makeup? We can give them a good foundation (so to speak)-- and show them how to do age-appropriate makeup. 

Gender Affirming Makeup: Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their skin.  We're here to help you feel confident in yourself and your makeup -- no matter your gender.  We celebrate all! We can show you everything from how to pick out makeup, to covering shadows, blemishes, pesky hairs, contouring -- so you can shine through authentically.  

Hair Classes (each class covers two styles):     

Buns & Braids: Learn how to braid and create a perfect messy-- or smooth--bun!

Blowout Basics: Learn how to do your own blowout like a pro!  Please bring your own blow dryer, and we'll teach you the rest.

Wonderful Waves: Our stylists will show you the tips and tricks to create your own beachy or Hollywood style waves that last.

Parents & Ponytails: For any grownup who wants to learn how to do their favorite kid's hair (this class is great for dads!).                                                                                         

All classes are two hours with the exception of Parents and Ponytails which is one hour. All classes are $200 for the first student and $100 for each additional student, with the exception of Parents & Ponytails, which is $120 and includes both grown-up and child.

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