Makeup FAQs

What kind of makeup do you use?

We use a variety of makeup, from professional foundations (both airbrush and traditional) to products you may use in your own makeup bag.  We’re product junkies (just ask us!).  We try to use the best products for the job.  We also use our own FACEing by BRIDEface lipsticks, lip glosses, and other products which you and your attendants can purchase for your wedding day!

I use only *insert brand name here*. Can you use my makeup for my service?

While we know a lot of people are brand loyal, makeup artists are not. We use products that are time-tested for longevity, wearability, and other performance factors.  While it's common for us to use your personal lipstick or maybe a mascara, we prefer that we use our products for safety and longevity.  If you insist on using your own makeup, we cannot guarantee longevity or wear, and will ask you to sign a waiver to that effect. 

Are you able to do a variety of skin tones? 

Absolutely! We hate that you have to ask, but we know not every makeup artist is trained to accommodate all skintones. All of our makeup artists are professionally trained and have a makeup kit that can be used on every skin tone. We take this very seriously. We will never tell you to bring your own foundation. We have you covered! 

What is the difference between airbrush and traditional makeup applications?

Airbrush makeup comes in the form of a very thin, liquid-like foundation. Airbrush foundation is a special foundation that is highly colorized & pigmented and is sprayed directly onto your skin using an airbrush pen and compressor. When done correctly, this is a beautiful application technique!

Traditional makeup, when applied correctly, is just as beautiful.  We use foundations like RCMA, Graftobian, Makeup For Ever and Armani for our traditional, hand-painted techniques.  If you prefer one technique over the other, please let us know at the time of booking.

Are you able to cover blemishes/ skin issues?

The simple answer is yes. However, blemishes are often raised skin, and raised skin texture can still be noticeable even with coverage. We can take out the redness and discoloration, but we can’t really “flatten” or change the texture of the skin.  Leave that to TikTok and Instagram!

Are you able to cover tattoos?

Yes! Absolutely. We are experts at tattoo coverage and waterproofing your tattoo coverage. If you have a tattoo that needs to be covered, please email us a couple of photos of the tattoo you would like to cover, and we can quote accordingly.

Please note that proper tattoo coverage can take as much time as an entire face, sometimes longer if the area you want to be covered is large. Tattoo coverage starts at $75 and up.  It is not included in the bride or attendant pricing.

Are you able to do body makeup?

Yes.  If anyone needs makeup such as scar coverage or other body makeup, this is an additional charge.  Please let us know prior to your wedding day.

Is that mascara waterproof? 

We often use waterproof mascara. If you prefer regular mascara, please let us know. 

How do I remove my false lashes? 

They can be removed with your regular cleanser and water, or a facial cleansing oil. 

Can you get rid of my wrinkles/pores/freckles completely?

We can’t get rid of wrinkles and pores.  You'll need to make sure you are well hydrated, that you have a skincare routine and perhaps even see a facialist or a dermatologist. 

Can you do men’s grooming?

Absolutely! Men's Grooming is $35, which includes covering blemishes, razor burn, or evening out a tan.  Full makeup application will incur the same rate as an attendant.

Is your kit sanitary? I’m freaked out about germs. 

Infection Control (sanitation) is our #1 priority! You'll see our team use freshly cleaned brushes and new disposables on each member of the bridal party. We wash our hands, use sanitizer between clients, and keep our metal tools clean with alcohol spray and we wipe down our services. Your safety is our priority, even before COVID-19. Please do not touch our kits, as it will contaminate our product.  You will be responsible for any items that are touched. 

Can you make me look 20 years younger?

It’s a makeup brush, not a magic wand! However, we do use techniques and products to help you look fresh, radiant and youthful. If you are interested in looking a little more fresh, we offer the services of an aesthetic Nurse Practitioner who provides Botox, Dysport and other injectables. Just ask!

Is your makeup waterproof?

Our makeup is water resistant. We use techniques to keep your makeup long-wearing, even in the heat and humidity (and while you're dancing and hugging, too!)

Do you offer makeup for engagement pictures?

Yes, absolutely! Please Note: Saturday appointments are usually not available during the high season (June-November) due to our on-location wedding services. Let us know and we will do our best to work with your schedule.

Do you offer makeup for boudoir photos?

Yes, absolutely! Please Note: Saturday appointments are usually not available during the high season (June-November) due to our on-location wedding services. Let us know and we will do our best to work with your schedule.

Do you offer makeup for rehearsal dinners?

Yes, absolutely! Availability may be limited, as we may have other weddings on the date of your rehearsal. Please reach out as soon as you're ready to book this service and we'll do our best to accommodate you (and your party)!

I'm not getting my makeup applied by BRIDEface.  Can I borrow your product?

We're sorry, but due to insurance limitations and liability, our products and tools can only be used by our staff on those receiving services.  You are welcome to add on a service day-of if time permits.  Please ask your artist.