Hair and Makeup Previews

Where do the makeup and hair trials & in studio appointments take place? When are they available?

All of our trials & in-studio appointments take place at our studio located in Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati at 2009 Elm Street, 45202.

There is plenty of free street parking available and we're located a few steps from the Streetcar stop in front of Rhinegeist.

What days can I schedule a makeup preview? 

Availability varies per artist. Please check our online booking system for available dates and times. We are closed on Mondays and only available for weddings & makeup classes on Saturdays during peak season (April – November).

What if I am unable to make my scheduled preview appointment? Can we reschedule? What is the cost?

Things happen, we understand. We request that you give us 24 hour notice when canceling or rescheduling. If less than 24 hour notice is given, you may be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Are previews included in the makeup price for the bride?

No. Previews are not included.

How long do makeup previews take?

Makeup previews are typically 60 minutes long and include a personalized consultation with your makeup artist. We customize your entire look.

How long do hair previews take?

Hair previews usually take 45-60 minutes and include a full consultation with your hairstylist.

How many looks do I get in a trial?

A preview usually consists of trying one desired look or style and a variation of that look.

If a completely different style/look is desired beyond that, we suggest booking another preview.

We do not require a preview for a booking, but we do strongly recommend them.

When do you recommend booking your preview?

Previews can be done either before or after finalizing a booking. If you schedule your preview before finalizing your booking, we highly recommend a second trial closer to your wedding date in case you want to make any last-minute changes.

What is the purpose of a preview? Is it required?

The purpose of the preview is for you, the bride, to meet your selected artist/stylist and work with them to find a look that you love for your wedding day. 

Even if you haven’t nailed down your look, it's a good time to discuss looks and styles you like and do not like.

Can I do a makeup preview before booking?

Absolutely! If you prefer to do a makeup or hair preview before booking, we suggest coming in as soon as you’re ready to select an artist/stylist for your wedding, especially since we do not hold dates without a signed contract.

What should I bring to my preview?

We suggest you bring a picture of your dress, makeup styles that inspire you, and makeup you don’t like. Also, bring your daily makeup bag of colors and products so that we may see the colors and textures you’re used to. 

Can I bring a friend to my preview?

Of course! However our studio is busy serving other clients as well, so we ask you to bring no more than two people with you to your preview.

Can I bring my child with me to my preview? 

While we love kids, they can be distracting during the limited time we have together.

We ask that you enjoy this time for yourself and find a sitter for your precious little ones.

Can my mom or other attendant get a preview too?

Of course! Please let us know if any attendants would like a preview when you book yours.