C O V I D  F A Q


Will you wear a mask? Do I need to wear a mask? 

As part of our infection control guidelines, we wear a mask at all times and in some cases a face shield. We know that you have loved ones who could be at high risk and your health and safety is our top priority. At no time during the service will we remove our masks. You will be required to wear a mask until we begin your makeup services.

How will we need to set up the room? 

As part of our infection control guidelines, we will need access to a private room where there are no other people around. This keeps everyone safe and healthy. You'll also get a few quiet moments as well to completely enjoy your service. We can discuss options and what that looks like closer to your date.

What happens if we go into another lockdown? 

If we're not able to perform services due to the pandemic, your contract lays out specific procedures for rescheduling your wedding date or using your credit for makeup classes. The contract protects you and our team. Please email/call for more detailed info.

What if you get sick and need to cancel? 

All of our BRIDEface Artists are highly trained. If an artist gets sick with COVID and can't perform your wedding, we will send another artist in their place. We test regularly despite being vaccinated for peace of mind.

What if someone from the party tests positive? 

If someone tests positive from your bridal party, we will refuse services for that person. You're able to substitute another person for makeup in their place. There will be no refunds for attendants who don't get services.

What happens if someone in my party tests positive after the event? 

Please let us know as soon as possible so we can put safety protocols in place and do additional testing. We will not knowingly perform services on anyone infected, but also ask that everyone receiving services would disclose if they test positive within 10 days after services.

Why is there extra time added to my timeline? 

To practice good infection control, and for the safety of your wedding party, we need additional time to do extra cleaning between clients. We require each workspace to be sanitary, which adds 5-10 minutes to each service for peace of mind.

We will help you navigate the timeline for a stress-free event.