Contracts and Minimums

Do I need to come into the studio to sign a contract?

Not at all!  Our booking software also has digital contract signing and you can you’re your deposits online as well.

Do you have a minimum for on-location services?

Yes, we do have a minimum for all of our on-location services of the bride plus three people per service, or $435.

For the high season (June-November), we require a bride plus five minimum or $625, per service.

What if I can't meet the minimum? Do you offer just hair and makeup for the bride? 

We do offer a bridal package for brides only. However, it still requires a minimum monetary amount for us to travel on-location.  We do not have a minimum for in-studio appointments.

If you can’t find guests to fill the "bridesmaid" spots, consider asking a special guest! They love to get their makeup done too!

May we use a hair stylist or makeup artist from another service provider for other members of the wedding party?

We don’t require you to book our team for both services. We know a lot of people have a hairstylist that they’ve worked with for years and we respect that! You can book us for just makeup, just hair, or both. However, we prefer to work as a team – we have been working together for years, and have our timing and coordination down to a science—and we want your look to be cohesive and consistent with the rest of your bridal party for photographs!

How soon do I need to book my wedding makeup and hair?

We can’t hold a date without a contract and deposit. The sooner you know your date, the better.

We book out about 18 months in advance. Once you have secured a venue and date, we advise that you should book hair and makeup right after. We have great photographer recommendations as well, just ask!

How can I be assured that my booked artist will show up on my wedding day? 

Upon signing the contract, we guarantee that our artist/stylist will be at your wedding. If there is an extreme emergency, we will send another member of the BRIDEface team to perform the services. This hasn’t been an issue thus far, and we will try our absolute hardest to keep it that way. 

Am I responsible for parking fees?

Yes, due to the amount of equipment our team must bring our clients are responsible for any parking fees. 

What if I am dissatisfied with my makeup?

Oh no! We hate to hear that. Honesty is the best policy. If at any time you’re unhappy with your trial, speak up! It won’t hurt our feelings. We will work out a solution to find a look you love. This is your wedding day, we want you to love it!

How much is my wedding makeup deposit/retainer?

50% of total contracted services. Balance is due six weeks before your wedding day.

Is my deposit/retainer refundable?

No. Your deposit/retainer is non-refundable in the event you decide to cancel.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

All services are paid via online invoice. We accept major credit cards and ACH payments from your bank account via our online portal.

At what point do you need a second artist or stylist?

Assistants are not included in the initial per person rates. Assistants are an additional $125 and are assigned one to two weeks prior to the wedding day. We typically suggest having an assistant for parties of 7-10 (or more) people. Assistants are used for two reasons: to decrease time on the day of, and to support your artist/stylist with a large party.

If you have more than 8 people, a limited time frame, or an early “ready by” time, then we typically suggest adding an assistant to your contract. Think of your assistant makeup artist as “insurance” on the day-of for large parties.

What are overtime charges & when are they incurred?

Overtime charges come into effect when the artist/stylist is not done with your bridal party at the contracted “Service End Time” through no fault to the artist/stylist or the amount of time scheduled for them by our staff.

We allot plenty of time for them to complete your party's services. These charges will be incurred if the end time is exceeded at the fault of the client & their guests. For example, if people aren’t ready when our team gets there, if there isn’t a steady flow of people ready (with inspiration in hand) to have their makeup/hair done, or if additional people or services are added on the day of.

Since there are instances where our artists need to do another wedding on the same day, running late may result in them being late to another wedding.

What if I pay for someone (an attendant) on my contract and they back out of services for my wedding day?

If someone backs out of services that you have already paid a retainer on, we're not able to refund the retainer portion. If you are more than 60 days out from the wedding day, we will take the remaining portion of their services out of the balance due. Within 60 days, you will still be responsible to pay the full balance due. 

If someone backs out of services, we ask a that a friend or family member to take their spot. Grandmas, aunts, and other relatives and friends love being pampered and spending time with you on your wedding day.

What if I don’t want lashes? is the price different? 

Lashes are included in our price. If you prefer not to wear lashes, the price is the same.

Do I have to pay you in one sum or can my attendants pay individually?

We will send you an invoice to pay online in one lump sum, which you can collect from your attendants. We also can include tips/gratuity if you wish. It is much less stressful for everyone on the wedding day to be paid ahead of time!

Are you going to stay until after the ceremony in case I cry?

Your time is noted in your wedding contract. If you would like us to stay until after the ceremony, we can add that service at an additional fee. No problem! Or, you can purchase touch-up products for peace of mind (and to take with you on your honeymoon).

Can you do eyes only for my bridesmaids? 

We can do only your eye makeup, but we don't offer partial face rates. The attendant rate would still apply to anyone getting makeup services.