What a Time to Be Alive


I’m Julie.

No, I’m not Nancy (and never will be) but I have the honor of stepping into her very hard-to-fill shoes as the new owner of BRIDEface.

A little background: Nancy and I met when we were both working at Saks, about twenty years ago (clearly, we were both infants).
She taught me everything I know about makeup, and we worked together at photo shoots before I went to grad school and she started BRIDEface.
We stayed friends, and I used BRIDEface myself for engagement pictures, events, and photoshoots while writing wine me, dine me and working in marketing.

Fast forward a few years: Nancy’s cancer is terminal, and she needs to sell BRIDEface. My boyfriend, Justin, who also happens to be her attorney said, “Well, Julie should buy it.”

So here we are.

I’ve spent the past couple of months learning a LOT — from how the business is run, to how to print a check in QuickBooks, to how to edit video, to how to get the best lighting in a room with two windows. I’ve had a CRM system completely change overnight, I have a landlord (who is awesome) for the first time in ten years.

And then, about a week after the acquisition was announced, COVID-19 became the biggest worry I’ve experienced in my entire life. Suddenly, I’m going from picking out curtains to discussing safety measures with my artists, to rescheduling most of our weddings for the next few months.
And honestly, everyone — from vendors to brides– has been amazing. Everyone gets it. Everyone understands. So thank you for that.
Business will be back to normal, soon — not as soon as we’d like, but soon enough we’ll be leaving the house, seeing our friends, and BRIDEface will be making bridal parties gorgeous all over Cincinnati.

Until then, we’ll be doing some new things. You’ll see some Youtube videos, collaborations with local boutiques like Idlewild Woman and The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is, an increase in our FACEing line of makeup the launch of a new skincare line that is exclusive to BRIDEface in Cincinnati, and much more.

Love to you all; stay healthy and beautiful (inside and out),

March 24, 2020

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