The top ten MUST-HAVE brushes for a flawless makeup application

The most frequently heard comment from myFACEing class attendees? That they never realized how much of a difference good brushes can make in how they apply their makeup. Once you understand what each brush is designed to do, your application will be so much easier and look 100% percent better.
Here is a quick guide to our new brush collection by b.dellium. They are cruelty free and have bamboo handles. Oh and did I mention they’re pink?

I am partial to a tapered shape. A brush that is too fluffy or rounded does not hug the curves of your face and encourages the user to kind of grind the brush into their product, leading to breakage of the hairs. that’s why your blush brush starts looking very frayed and mangled.  I really love this brush for bronzer as well, since it doesn’t pick up an excess of product and it is small enough that you can be a little more precise in your placement.

powder: Again, I prefer a tapered shape to a round. This is my go-to for setting foundation with powder, applying powder foundation, taking down shine, or even to apply bronzer.

angled contour:This is the holy grail for applying contour under your cheekbones, along your jawline, and shading your forehead. It is so precise and the perfect size. The cut of this guy ensures you can really pop out those features with your darker contour underneath.

ponytail crease: I adore a fluffy shape to avoid leaving a hard edge or harsh lines. it is also perfect to blend with.

flat liner: I love, love love to tite line (and if you don’t know what that is, you need a class with me, STAT) and this super thin, flat edged brush is absolutely flawless to get under that lashline.

allover shadow: densely packed, this deposits shadow evenly on the lid and/or browbone.

bent liner: if you’ve not tried this to achieve the perfect winged liner, it is life changing. For real. It gives you so much control, and it is super thin and not flobbity. What? That’s a word.

pencil: Just like it sounds, this is a very pointed, moderately stiff small brush, so great for a diffused line of color under the lower lash, or a smudgy line on the top lash.

foundation: this pointy shape is tricky to find. I love how you can really get into nooks and crannies of the face or large pores. Such a difference from using the traditional “paddle” style of foundation brush.

concealer: I love this longer length and oval shape. Stiff enough to work with a thicker camouflage cream, but still appropriate for a sheerer texture as well. You can really get into that dark hollow above the tear duct with this little dude too.

This isn’t technically a brush at all but I absolutely could not LIVE without these tiny eyebrow scissors. You can get right up against the skin and make your brows look clean and freshly waxed, without the pain and redness!

March 24, 2014

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