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Today on Facebook, one of my friends asked me for help; her twelve year old daughter wants makeup for Christmas and she doesn’t know where to turn. Her well meaning friends suggested lessons Sephora, Bare Minerals, and Clinique. Well, $50 or even $75 doesn’t go very far at any of those stores, and as far as the lessons go, it’s a bit of a crapshoot. You don’t know if you’re lucking out with a super knowledgable and talented artist, or a newbie without a clue.
I just so happen to have an eleven year old daughter, (who does not wear makeup at all.)
She reports that some girls are really dabbling in makeup. She and her twin brother are seeing LOTS of black rimmed eyes (yikes) and heavy foundation on a couple girls who are already seeing breakouts and are attempting to camouflage.
Now I know a lot of people will say that girls this age should not be wearing makeup at all and I can fully respect that opinion. I want Ella to stay a little girl as long as humanly possible, duh.
But when she is ready to wear it, I don’t want her looking a fool. (Gotta represent,yo)
I am already teaching her proper skincare habits because no amount of makeup in the world will look good if your skin isn’t on point. (If only I had known at her age what I know now) I have Ella using my Clarisonic (she has her own brush) to cleanse her face with my Peaches cleanser every night, and I do a mask with Milk of Magnesia on her before she goes to bed, probably about 2X a week. You will not believe what that will do for acnaic skin. Seriously amazing. A shoutout to my girls at Peaches for turning me on to it.
So I grabbed my girl, armed with a fistful of my drugstore faves, and gave her an age appropriate and fun makeover. I am of the mind that there is a relatively small window of opportunity to wear bright neon colors, and if you can’t do it at eleven, then when?


I used a creamy eyeshadow stick all from lash to brow, just to give it a shimmery glow. Then i used the clear mascara to tame her brows a bit. A little bit of the neon purple liner and purple mascara made her green eyes pop like crazy without making her look too made up. (Maybelline makes this mascara in teal, burgundy, and cobalt as well)
I used a teeny dab of the Garnier concealer (my favorite product EVER for any age) under her eyes and on a little blemish near her brow. A little bronzer and blush to warm her up and my own branded lipgloss in TWSS (that’s what she said)
You can grab all of this for right around 50 bucks.
We do teach FACEing junior classes to tweens and teens, getting them on the right track with their skincare regime and what is worth spending money on (and what isn’t) We do mother/ tween daughter classes (which are $100) or groups of up to six tween friends for $35 each.
tween beauty

tween beauty by nannobanan featuring a creased eyeshadow

Garnier beauty product

Cheek bronzer

Creased eyeshadow

COVERGIRL Professional Natural Lash No Color Mascara Clear Neutral 800…

December 4, 2013

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