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At my advanced age, I thought I knew it all, had tried it all, and that there was no “holy grail” of skincare. I have never had great skin and have battled acne since I hit puberty. I worked for years in prestige cosmetics and studied esthetics at beauty school, so I have had access to some of the “best” products available and had education out the wazoo.
So when my beloved hairstylist kept insisting I go to Peaches, I smiled and nodded. For about a year.  Jaded, I figured, what could an esthetician do for me? I’m beyond hope. resigned to a life of wrinkles and acne simultaneously.

i already had quite a bit of background, having stalked their website and facebook page. i knew they were vehemently anti foundation (something that is tough for a makeup artist to get behind) and that they are passionately committed to natural products.
Originally based in Santa Barbara, owner Lisa Pfeiffer believes that years of using the wrong products and incorrect treatments can cause your skin to build up a callous layer in an effort to protect itself from further damage. That callous layer causes deep lines, clogged pores, and dark spots. When the skin thickens it uses other defense mechanisms to protect the skin’s surface, by sending oil. But that unfortunately the oil gets lodged under that thick skin, causing acne.

The good news is that the PROPER methods will get rid of that callous layer.

But let me start with the facial.  I finally took the plunge to get an appointment with Meagen, who of course has skin anyone would envy. I was tucked into a comfy lazyboy recliner (yes!) and given a lovely mini massage of my legs and arms to get the blood flowing. Next was the cleansing process, which included the Clarisonic. (I was very relieved that could still be part of my new regimen!) Next was microdermabrasion, which I have had many times, but this felt completely different than any I’ve experienced. It definitely felt she was going deeper and was more “assertive” than other techs, but miraculously I was not left with any telltale red lines. From their Santa Barbara website:

Don’t be fooled by the estheticians who say microdermabrasion is harmful. Microdermabrasion when done properly is non invasive. Much like removing plaque from your teeth, microdermabrasion exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells that have scar tissue, acne and age spots and many other skin problems, I like to call it the callous layer. The skin naturally regenerates every 28-30 days and more callous can build up on the skin so microdermabrasion is recommended every 2-4 weeks at regular intervals.

Other estheticians will say they offer diamond tip or other microdermabrasion techniques, but don’t be misled; crystals are the only process that helps to remove old tissue and bring up new healthy unblemished tissue. Diamond tips and other non crystal dermabrasion use mostly file tips or a metal tip with rough edges that scrape the skin or Dermaplaning which is a procedure that uses a blade to scrape off layers of skin. In many cases it is done wrong or without properly cleaning, masking, hydrating and healing of the skin, thus causing more problems, more callusing and more scar tissue.

Next was extractions, which are never much fun of course, but you know that nasty stuff has to come out so I kind of love them in a masochistic way. Girl knows what she’s doing though. (Again, I did NOT look beat up after that facial, as I normally would expect to after all that manipulation.) Next was an oxygenating/retinol treatment from a machine that resembles my airbrush. From the site:

When you lose oxygen in your cells, they begin to die which leads to loss of collagen. After the loss of collagen, it’s followed by the loss of elasticity-causing aged sagging skin and wrinkles. When you REPLACE oxygen, along with encapsulated Retinol (a more gentle form of vitamin A that penetrates into the skin 2x faster than other forms) you reverse the aging process.

With consistent Retinol Renewal Treatments, cells begin to rejuvenate & collagen/elasticity is repaired and maintained.

 Divine. Then a mask, and I got a stupendous massage. The craziest sensation was the microcurrent, which they call their “facelift without surgery” Basically they are creating muscle memory and a firming effect with these magic tingly fingers. Unsettling at first but very cool and difficult to describe. Let’s just say that by the end (over 90 minutes; my skin was VERY congested) I felt like I might need a ride home.
I own an obscene amount of skincare, much of it gifted to me by some of the most prestigious companies around. But I nearly their whole assortment; that’s how sold I was on their concept of turning my skin around. They preach that antioxidants are the ONLY thing that will truly penetrate the skin to do the hard work. I also popped into Walgreens on my way home and bought a couple secret weapons that they swear by; Monistat 7 (because it’s an antifungal) and Milk of Magnesia to clear out congestion. Yep that’s right; I am putting yeast infection meds and laxatives on my face. Whut?
I just had my second treatment (they recommend that new patients come back after two weeks to jump start turnover of the skin) and I must say I am amazed by the change in my skin. I have received many compliments from sharp eyed girlfriends. I hardly wear foundation at all anymore and I swear I never thought I’d feel comfortable with that. But the clarity and the radiance I have going on makes me not want to cover it!
 Let me say that Peaches takes a tough love approach to improving your skin, and it’s not for that person who thinks one facial is going to turn it around. It’s a whole commitment to a new mindset. In fact, I had a close friend ask accusingly, “are you on a JOURNEY or something?? ” after I gushed to her about Peaches. I had another friend ask if I got a happy ending during my facial, since I was so enthusiastic about my experience. (answer: no. But pretty damn awesome nonetheless)
No, I don’t work for them. I wish I did! I just want everyone else to see the changes they could make in their skin once they use the right products and procedures. Not to mention, it feels amazing.
Book your appointment BEFORE OCTOBER 1ST to take advantage of an amazing offer. Tell em their newest cult member, Nancy, sent ya.

September 20, 2013

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