Cincinnati bridal makeup/ How much bridal makeup is “enough” (and the Pinterest dilemma)

I looooove when my clients bring in photos of makeup they like. Puts everyone on the same page and can save a lot of time.
But let me illustrate some of the challenges with what you see in a photo, particularly many of the most popular ones you’ll find on Pinterest.

Check out these side by side shots of my bride. Same exact makeup. Different facial angles, quality of light, and photography techniques.

Many times I have a client at her trial point out to me a photo of makeup I have done on my website or facebook, and they say, “I wanna look really natural, like this bride.” Now, I did this makeup, and I know that in fact, that bride has a WHOLE lot of liner and shadow on. But the shot might be her looking straight ahead at the camera. If the client could see a shot of that bride looking down, she would be able to see that there is actually a lot more drama going on with her lid. To get amazing definition from across a huge cathedral or to “pop” in a photo, you are gonna need some makeup. The challenge in bridal makeup of course is that it is not stage makeup. It still has to look gorgeous and soft up close.
So makeup in a photo that you think is sooo natural is sometimes just a blown out, diffused treatment.

Bottom line?  Bring those photos; go for it! But trust what you see in the mirror, in natural light, and bring a trusted friend or your mom. Get your makeup done for your engagement photos so you can see how your photographer’s style plays with your makeup. I have worked with nearly every wedding photographer in town and I am very familiar with how I need to adjust the makeup so it will suit the way they like to shoot-trust us when we tell you that the camera eats makeup. It takes an awful lot of work to look “natural”! : )

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September 3, 2013

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