PRIMER BOWL! Miracle Blur vs. Whip Hand take the Stage

I’ve had a lot of people asking me about L’oreal’s new Miracle Blur. They have been advertising it quite heavily and it makes some pretty big claims. Who doesn’t want smaller looking pores and no wrinkles?
Well i’m sorry to report that I purchased Miracle Blur and tested it on half my face. Very little difference. Nearly any type of moisturizer would have produced the effect I saw; a bit smoother and more hydrated. Huge waste of the $20 I spent on it. I didn’t find it to be effective as a primer either.

If you are seeking  a TRUE miracle product, look no further than Whip Hand. Their Take the Stage primer is the real deal. This instantly blurs out my acne scarring and softens the appearance of fine lines. So this is an ideal product for someone who doesn’t want to wear foundation but wants the texture of their skin to look better.
But the way it works under foundation is truly genius. You won’t believe how much smoother your skin will look under this miracle worker.
For best results, use a foundation brush to get a smoother and better application.

February 3, 2013

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