The smart bride’s guide to her beauty timeline

It’s booking season, and you know what that means? Brides stressing about what timeline to put on their contract! Do not fret, we can help. Lemme break this down for ya!

Firstly, when is your ceremony? If it’s at 6:30, it is not at all unusual for your photographer to want you in that dress by 2:30. Sound excessive? Not when you consider a list of multiple locations, factor in travel time and add in padding. Consult with your photographer early on about what he or she expects before you book makeup and hair personnel.

Think about what time you are putting the gown on; you do not want to have key people in makeup and hair chairs at that time who want to help you with dressing. Then they will be forever jumping out of the chair and won’t be finished in time.

Aim for an earlier “ready by” time than you think is necessary-a half hour or so will not make or break how long your hair and makeup lasts-if you hired fab pros it will last all day and night regardless-but a half hour of padding can be a godsend for your nerves.

Be sure you have checked in with your party members on whether they want hair/makeup; I cannot tell you how many times that people decide at the very last minute that they want to do it after initially declining-it can throw off your whole schedule. I usually recommend that my brides share our website with their girls so they can view our work.

Once you have a clear idea of headcount and ready time, simply count backwards in half hour increments (or however long your stylists say they need; our gold standard is 30 minutes)

Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?

December 11, 2012

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