Cover FX Total cover cream Foundation

Ok, here one of the main points of difference between your average Joan and a makeup artist; The Touch.
Most women kinda slap their foundation on. I begin on the jawline, believing most women need more coverage there, and I use a light touch, gradually building coverage as I go, in tiny layers. I add product where needed and use less where the skin is even and smooth. I may use a sponge, a brush, or even fingers, depending on what level of coverage I want to see or the texture of the skin I’m working on.

So as I have been playing with Cover FX Total Cover cream foundation, I absolutely adored the product, but my prevailing thought was that the average consumer has to really take a light hand with this product. Because as amazing at it looks when applied properly, it has the potential to look just the opposite if you’re not used this level of pigmentation.

Firstly, you MUST start out with the great primer. (disclaimer: I apologize that I did not have Cover FX primer for my review, but I do hope to try them very soon. and will review them for you!)
I  did use the brush that Cover FX recommends for this product, and it made all the difference in the world. If you attempt to use a sponge you are going to have some trouble moving this dense product. The brush easily picks up just the right amount from the compact and makes it easy to blend on your face. It also has a texture that allows you “fill” larger pores and create a smooth finish to the skin. Surprisingly, I really didn’t have a brush anything like this one. (For those of you who have seen my brush roll, you know how remarkable that statement is)
 Less is more with this product. You may even find that you don’t want to wear this all over. I could see using this as a spot concealer with a tinted moisturizer, for example. But in my experimentation, I did wear this all over, just using very little on areas where I did not need as much coverage.

When you use this product, will notice right away that while this a cream, it is not all gooey or greasy, and will not slide all over your face. It is suitable for all skin types, even oily.
This company makes 28 shades in this foundation. No, that was not a typo! And they have three different undertones: pink, Neutral, and Golden.
From their site:
• The lower the number the lighter the shade. 

• For those with ebony skin, choose a shade within the N series. 

• For the P Series, think Julianne Moore, Adele or Emma Stone. 

• For the N Series, think Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson. 

• For the G Series, think Lucy Liu, Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez. 

This is pure genius to me. I can’t tell you how many times I have clients fall between the cracks when i am trying to match them from just 12 shades in a typical brand’s shade range. I had the opportunity to use nearly every shade on clients and friends in the last week, and this product is most definitely going into my recommendation list for FACEing classes. I was able to fully cover age spots and acne without the product looking too built up or cakey, and the way it wears over the course of a day was brilliant. I myself can be quite lazy about touchups on myself, and when I did a once over in the mirror after hours of wear, there was no excessive shine breakthrough (I am still quite oily in my t zone),nor did it sit in fine lines or look overly dry. This has actually replaced my foundation that I used to ADORE, so that’s saying a lot! (It took a full week and a half to determine that, so I did not take the decision lightly.)

Next up, I will review Cover FX pressed mineral foundation.

December 9, 2012

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