BRIDEface Covington KY makeup/Carolyn, married!

I am definitely behind in my wedding postings, but this one is worth the wait.
Every bride I have the honor of spending the day with is special, but when I have a bride I have known for years? Over The Top.
I met Carolyn’s mom a few months after my twins were born nine years ago. Karen literally wrote The Book on nursing multiples and I had kinda sorta idolized her, after about a year of poring over her knowledge. I wound up in her La Leche League group, and eventually our friendship led to my hiring her daughter to do makeup at Saks while I was counter manager for Laura Mercier.
Fast forward to a year and a half ago, when Carolyn booked me before even getting officially engaged. Is that flattering, or what??
So there is an extra, added, oomph to doing a wedding for a Near and Dear.
Sherri Barber‘s images gives me goosebumps!

March 5, 2012

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