BRIDEface makeup artist/How to repair cracked makeup brush handles

(pictured above: “before”, “after”, and Plasti-Dip.)
Makeup brushes can really be a significant investment. Some of my large powder brushes are around $55 and the smaller ones are in the $20-$35 range. A few of mine are nearly 15 years old; I even have a couple that have the original Laura Mercier logo on them,. which was a girly script. The brush hair are all still in wonderful shape. I really baby my brushes, because I have to wash them so often. I use brush guards on them after washing so the hairs won’t fray and they keep their original shape. Every so often I put jojoba oil on them before shampooing to condition them.
But the handles were really showing signs of wear. The paint was cracking and peeling and a couple were down to bare wood. (one thing that contributes to this is tapping your brush against hard surfaces; I always train my clients to tap the brush against your other hand to get rid of excess pigment) I found tons of tutorials online to save bristles, and alter brush shape, but no one addressed distressed handles. Rather than pitch them I thought I would search around for a solution to salvage them, especially since one of my favorites is a MAC brush that is no longer manufactured.
A google search took me to Plasti Dip. It coats a piece in liquid rubber, giving the effect of a pair of pliers with rubber handles. The website had a ton of colors but at my Home Depot I was only able to find black.
It was about 7 bucks and comes in a small can. The first thing is, this stuff is stinky. You need to have wire or string handy to hang up your item to dry, as well as newspaper underneath to catch the drips. I wrapped the ferrule (metal part) with wire and dipped it right in and then hung them from my chandelier. I could not be more pleased with how they look now! The handles feel very nice in my hand too; as if Good Grips pimped them out.

I am tempted to hunt down a neon lime green shade-maybe that would keep my brushes from “walking” out of my kit?

January 20, 2012

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  1. Anonymous says:

    HI I was wondering how well that plasti dip ended up holding up on your makeup brushes through washes and everything. I was thinking about dipping mine in it but wanted to know how durable it is thanks

  2. nancy says:

    Hi there!
    it has held up great and they feel really nice in my hand. really pleased with how they still look.

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