BRIDEface makeup artists/Sigma brushes rave

If you’s ever worked with me, you know that I own a ton of makeup brushes. I have been weeding out some of the brushes that look shopworn (some are 15 years old!) and shapes I just don’t use, and investing in some new ones for my kit and for a dedicated kit for my FACEing classes I recently made several purchases from Sigma Beauty and was so impressed by the quality of their products.

My favorite brushes in my kit are MAC, Laura Mercier, and Trish McEvoy. But when I experienced the quality of Sigma at a fraction of the price of the other brands, I was hooked. For example, that entire set above is only $59!
 I now have their Dry n Shape roll, which you put your brushes into after you have washed them, and it shapes them like the day you bought them. Absolutely love it. I also got a traditional roll, but I admit I am not using it because I have a huge one my friend custom made for me. I have the two piece brush cup pictured above, only in black. And I have an assortment of the brushes. I am looking forward to trying their new Bunny line, which is all Vegan and uses HD fibers. My only beef is that they don’t make my beloved flat liner brush. (Are you listening, Sigma?)

January 18, 2012

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