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I put out a plea on Facebook the other day to have my friends give me their most pressing makeup questions. At least three people complained about large pores and minimizing their appearance.
Firstly, large pores can appear larger when they are clogged, so this issue begins with skincare. Regular facials will keep pores clear, as will cleansing daily with a Clarisonic. Pores also can appear larger as we age; due to diminishing collagen the pores appear “stretched”.
I swear by primers to fill in any textural irregularities; think of it as your spackle. The primer prevents your foundation from sitting in those crevices, and instead it will glide over the top.
My favorites are Laura Mercier (try her oil free since large pores can go hand in hand with oily skin), Avon Majix,  Hard Candy, and Porefessional by Benefit.
On the areas of my face that have large pores and/or acne scarring, I use more of a “stippling” or “pouncing” technique with my sponge to apply my foundation.  I then follow with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage with a small brush to fill any imperfections still visible. Lastly, I use a powder puff with translucent powder-this will set the makeup, and make the texture appear smoother. When I am going for even more perfection, I dust Laura Mercier invisible powder on top; it blurs imperfections like you wouldn’t believe.

pore perfectors

pore perfectors by nannobanan on

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage SC-2
$28 –

Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder
$34 –

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
$30 – Search Results for “hard candy”
$8 –

Sponges & Puffs | Laura Mercier
$12 –

Powder | Laura Mercier
$34 –

the porefessional : Benefit Cosmetics
£24 –

January 11, 2012

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