the only lipliner you’ll ever need.

I always, always use lipliner on my brides. It ensures longevity and gives a cleaner edge to the lipline, lending more definition to the shape of the lip. I can even out any asymmetry and even subtly build a bit of volume. It will keep lipgloss from bleeding over the edges too.

However i have challenged myself to use my very favorite liner every time i wear anything on my lips. Anyone who has taken my FACEing class knows i only really use ONE liner in my entire kit, and that is Jordana rock n rose. $1.99 at Walgreens, girl. Kid you not. It’s a roll-up, it’s a perfect consistency, and the color is flawless; not too pink, not too brown, not too orange. Everybody goes nuts for it. It can even be used to fill in the entire lip for a great pinky nude lipstick. You don’t even have to sharpen it!
I like to lightly sketch with the side of the pencil so the liner doesn’t look too obvious.

January 1, 2012

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