two amazing drugstore finds…

I swear, I can do some damage at a Walgreen’s. I go in to pick up one thing but those cosmetic displays draw me in every time.
I have been absolutely loving Revlon glosses lately, so I couldn’t resist these two cute palettes. at 6.99 a pop, why should I?
The top one is a collection that celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman did, and all 5 shades are for lips.Really great mix and matching possibilities there, and impressive pigments to boot.
But the multi-use one on the bottom really made me swoon. I have such a weakness for pops of coral; nothing brightens up a blonde like a peachy lip. And to see such an interesting color combo-the two top products are a cream blush and highlighter, the two bottom ones are cream eye colors, and the bottom red one is for lips.
Those who know me are aware of my deep love for cream cheek and lip-you get a dewier, more modern look, and if you layer coordinating powders on top, you can achieve a more matte, but very long lasting effect.
Now, the question is, do I stuff these in my own stocking, or put them in my kit-?

December 15, 2011

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