Makeup Bag Monday!

from Sarah:
“Well, I am very lazy in the morning so I don’t spend much time on makeup. probably 5 minutes. I like the products I use at home, especially the mascara and eyeshadow, but find in other light it doesn’t look the same. I have trouble covering dark circles under my eyes and my face is always a little red, so I’m afraid to use any blush. I don’t think what I use moisturizes enough and it seems like foundation settles into what are the beginning of smile lines but I tell myself are delayed-onset dimples. I’d like to look a bit more polished for work but not overdone. God, are you sorry you asked yet? You probably feel like part makeup expert/ part psychiatrist getting such detailed responses about makeup routines…”

Firstly, let’s address skincare. Be certain you are exfoliating a couple times a week (throw a gentle face scrub in your shower so you won’t forget) You may also wanna amp up your moisturizer during the winter to something more emollient. Clinique’s redness solutions line is fantastic for your ruddiness.
If your foundation is settling you should definitely use a primer; it gives you a layer before your foundation and makes it wear so much better.

sara's makeup bag

sara’s makeup bag by nannobanan on Search Results for “hard candy”
$8 –

Bobbi Brown Concealer Brush
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MAKE UP FOR EVER Lift Concealer Brown 5
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Urban Decay The Revolution High-Performance Lash Curler
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Sephora: Clinique Redness Solutions Kit ($66 Value): Gift Ideas & Sets
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St. Ives Elements Microdermabrasion in Facial Cleansers & Exfoliators…
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I adore the Benefit rsvp cream shadow you are using-be sure to apply with a brush and very sheerly so it doesn’t look too “chunky” or too shiny. Add in a lash curl before your mascara so your eyes will really pop. The concealer you have is not one of my faves; it always seems to look a little chalky and dry and the pigment probably isn’t sufficient for you. Switch to a fuller coverage.

December 1, 2011

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  1. Ayana says:

    Clinique is the best when it comes to moisturizers!

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