this is why I love my job.

THIS will get me through my crazy wedding sesson; a facebook message from a bride of mine who got married about five years ago brought tears to my eyes:

“Hey Nancy! Bear with me for a second…I feel like this might be a bit of a ramble, but I have a point, I swear!

So I’ve been pretty stressed lately and my face is pretty much as broken out as it ever has been. I don’t wear make up often and I’ve been using Bare Minerals for the last year or so, mostly just because it’s what my friends use. I feel pretty uncomfortable and out of my element in Sephora and other make up places, so I always find myself a bit overwhelmed and not sure where to go or what to grab. Needless to say, my self-esteem has been a little bit down because of my broken out face and I’m out of the Bear Minerals I was using anyway.

Last night, Nick (my husband) convinced me I should really go get some new make up. We’re on a really tight budget because we’re in the process of adopting, so I have been saving $12.50 per month putting it in a category called cosmetics. I had a really important interview today so I figured what the heck, I’ve been saving up for it anyway. I checked out your blog and recently someone asked you about foundation and you recommended Laura Mercier creme smooth foundation. You also recommended Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage concealer in another post; both of those recommendations came from questions that I felt somewhat applied to me.

SO…I took the plunge last night and bought both those products. As I was getting ready for my interview, I applied the new make up and I felt AMAZING. Honestly, I feel more confident about my face than I have in a long time. I’m typically the kind of person that takes her make up off immediately upon entering the door home, but I’m leaving it on until Nick gets home so I can show him- that’s how much I love it.
Okay, I said I had a point, and I meant it! When I used you for my wedding, I felt great. I loved my make up and didn’t have to think twice about it all night. I understood the importance of having a great make up artist for such an important event. Otherwise, make up didn’t really play a big role in my life. What I learned in the last 24 hours (which I’m sure you already know, but I just wanted to tell you!) is that what you do can honestly create such great change in a woman’s self esteem and self image. I want you to know how much I appreciate those blog posts and what you do. THANK YOU!!!!! (and thanks for sticking with me through the babble!)”


October 6, 2011

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