Skin tips from Giovanni!

I recently made a new friend who opened an absolutely fabulous spa downtown called Face It Spa

I asked him many burning questions that my clients are constantly concerned with.
-what are some things a bride to be can do to make sure her skin is clear and radiant?

The bride to be needs to use well formulated skincare products based on her skin’s specific needs. I would recommend using a good skincare system at home as well as going in for regular treatments with an esthetician. It’s important to work hand in hand with your esthetician to achieve the best results.

How soon before the wedding should she start treatments?

The last thing a bride needs to be worrying about is her skin. No matter how gorgeous her dress or hair may look, if her skin is not looking the best then the bride will not feel her best. The sooner the bride to be can meet with an esthetician the better.

-what can a mother of the bride do to look fresh for the wedding?

Any type of exfoliation (chemical or physical) removes dead skin cells to give us that healthy glow. I would recommend a resurfacing peel or microdermabrasion to see the best results. You should consult with your esthetician to see what would be the best for your skin and give you the most benefits.

-what other tips can you share to a bride wanting to look her very best; day to day care and treatments?

Whether it be for a bride, mother of the bride, or bridesmaids everyone wants great skin. No matter what your concern may be there is always room for improvement. It is very important to use quality, science backed skincare products. Think about it, you are putting products on your face everyday. Most the time you will meet with your esthetician once a month. You are working with your skin a lot more than the esthetician is. That is why it is so important to work hand in hand. If you only get professional treatments and don’t use a great home care, you won’t see the full results.
Great home care and professional treatments go hand in hand! I cannot stress the importance of good skincare enough! ☺ Also, please do NOT tan for your wedding! I see this all the time and the amount of damage done is NOT worth it. There are some wonderful sunless tanners today. Try them out before your wedding to find a perfect one.
Think about this…I highly doubt a person will say when they are in there 40’s, 50’s, 60’s …..”Wow, I wish I would have tanned more!” But what I hear all the time is “I wish I wouldn’t have been in the sun so much!” Remember that!

Stay tuned for news about my new partnership with Face it Spa-a match made in heaven, dontcha think???

August 1, 2011

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