The Golden Globes 2011; makeup review!

Well I was just in heaven watching the Globes last night. That’s like my Superbowl, baby! Red lip were definitely out in full force, and they were usually very matte, but ranging from a pinky red (on the radiant Natalie Portman) to a bright orangey red (on the unexpectedly edgy Jayma Mays from Glee) to a deep rich red (on Christina Hendricks.) Piper Perabo took the Carolyn Bessette approach and kept the eyes very minimal, the cheek very flushed, and the lips matte and cherry red. LOVE.

But we certainly saw our share of nude lips as well; Eva, Halle,Sandra,Olivia, and J Lo all sported beautiful pinky nudes with their more dramatic eyes. I was not sure about Sandra’s bangs, but adore the rocker eye. I didn’t love J Lo’s silver eye outside on the Red Carpet-it looked too cool for her warm skin, but it looked much prettier when he was presenting. I have it on good authority that Nicole Kidman is hands down the most gorgeous celebrity in person-(“a goddess”) as she put it (one of my dear friends was there last night!)

I absolutely adored Michelle Williams’ coral lips! I think coral would have been a smart choice for all the women who wore emerald green (I know I need to go buy something green TODAY, how bout you?) And I was a huge fan of the orange/coral gloss on Heidi Klum as well; love the contract with the dramatically lined eye.

So who got it “wrong”? While I adored Elizabeth Moss’ dress, her hair and makeup looked unfinished to me; she didn’t look polished at all. Catherine Zeta Jones looked very pale and washed out on the Red carpet (less so in this pic I found) and her brown lips didn’t do her any favors. and while I am a fan of red lips, on Christina Aguilera they looked garish. Yes, I know that’s her trademark. I just think that particular red is all wrong for her.

Over the top lashes continue to be a hot trend; Eva had sparkly ones! Jennifer Love Hewitt had the fluffiest lashes-her look was all about the lashes.

Mila Kunis’ look was so clean, defined, and classic, as was Dianna Agron. What a pretty bridal look that would be!

It’s hard to pick a favorite of the night, especially since the makeup can look so different from photo to photo, and completely different inside or out. But I think I am gonna have to go with January . The sculpted cheek, the perfect red lip, the classic defined eye…That amazing hair helped the overall look too.Love or hate the dress, you gotta admit she commanded attention. What did YOU think?

January 17, 2011

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