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I constantly have people ask “do you teach people how to put on makeup?” Lessons and classes are something I have always done and I absolutely love sharing all my secrets. Lately I have had even more people approach me and I wonder if the economy could be part of the reason; people are being more selective about how they spend their beauty dollars and rather than waste it on products that don’t perform, they would rather invest in the knowledge to master their own face.

Consider this my “spinoff”-FACEing will offer one on one lessons, paired lessons (2 sisters, mother/daughter, best friends) or small group classes. I will go through everyuthing you are currently using (or things you have purchased and don’t know how to use?)and give you step-by-step instruction. I’ll even throw in a highly detailed cheat sheet. And because I don’t sell makeup, I have no agenda; I am just as apt to recommend a $5 mascara as I am a $45 foundation;my recommendations are based on my own trial and error and just my sheer obsession with all things cosmetic.You will be armed with a shopping list at the makeup store (btw; did you hear we are getting an ULTA at Kenwood!?) and be able to wave away the well-meaning salespeople with confidence.

so join us on Facebook and check out our spankin’ new website! And spread the word…lessons make a great gift for someone FACEing a significant birthday, a high school reunion, or re-entering the dating world.

June 27, 2010

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