Cincinnati brow artists/Brow Rehab?

Do your brows need to go to Rehab? Or Brow-Hab, if you will.

Many of my brides meet me for the first time months before their wedding. If I feel they are overtweezing or overwaxing their eyebrows, I (gently) command them to quit cold turkey; leave those bad boys alone a couple weeks and then let me reshape them. So the wheels started turning…and have I got a deal for you.

For all BRIDEface brides (that is, those who are contracted with any artist with BRIDEface) can enjoy complimentary brow doctoring on Wednesdays from 12-5. That is how much I want you to have firce brows for your wedding! Just facebook or email me and say you need to be in BROWhab! The hard part is hiding your tweezers from yourself…

June 2, 2010

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