Makeup Bag Monday; Jessica

Jessica has rosacea and has found that Aveeno’s ultra-calming line works best for her, so I am not going to mess with that; once you find what works, stick with it!
I am impressed with all the lash curlers I am seeing (is it because you all know by now you are getting a smackdown if you don’t include them?)
I would love to see an upgrade in Jessica’s eye brushes; the shapes don’t look terribly useful. I would recommend a good overall eye color brush and a crease color brush to start. And they don’t have to be expensive; I happen to think POSH makes pretty nice brushes.
I love Lash Blast mascara.

I am very curious about the new Cover Girl double ended “smoky eye” pencils; she must like them because she has three of them already and they are fairly new to the market. The ads claim that you schmear one shade all around the eye and lid and follow with the second shade and voila-“no makeup artist needed”. But clearly the print ad with Drew Barrymore has at least five different colors/products on her eyes. (Just as the mascara ads are employing false lashes, but that’s another topic!)But having said that, they do look fun and I adore a creamy shadow.

Jessica admits to being a bit lazy with lip color; she hates the feel of gloss and rarely wears anything. I recommended the Cover Girl lip marker-I have about five of these in my purse and they wear like iron. They leave no discernable texture on your lip but leave a great stain of color on your lips.
Jessica says she often feels washed out. It is very common for people with ruddiness/rosacea to feel very pale once they tone out the redness. But I would recommend setting her foundation and then using a very light bronzer on top. Then follow with a warm, coral-y blush; avoid pinks, because then you are going back and adding that blue based tone.

I also added in a new pressed powder from Laura Mercier. It has a very faint green tint-don’t worry; you won’t look like an alien!-and this will tone out redness and control shine throughout the day.

I also added in “steely by L’oreal HIP because I know Jessica adores drama on the eyes and this will be so fun for her on the weekends all over her lid, or for day as a liner. It is one of my personal favorites and performs like a $25 cream shadow.

Jessica's bag
Jessica’s bag by nannobanan on

Items in this set:
NARS Laguna Bronzer by NARS Cosmetics Bronzer, $30
Illamasqua Powder Blusher Tweak, $23
Customer Ratings and Reviews – Terms & Conditions
Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Pressed Setting Powder – Shine Control, $32
POSH 5 Piece Mini Brush Kit with Zip Purse

March 8, 2010

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