Cincinnati makeup lessons/mini makeover with Julie

Wedding Vendor friends, take note; come see me on Wednesdays and you will most definitely snag some tips, tricks and maybe even a few eyelashes.

Julie popped in this week to pick up the girl scout cookies she ordered from my daughter, to have some lunch, and to catch up before her new baby arrives in about two and a half weeks.

Because I have never done her makeup all these years (??) I gave a fresh clean eye look. Julie rarely does much on her eyes-her makeup bag revealed that she loves to purchase pretty eye colors, but not so much to actually use them. She has absolutely gorgeous eyes though and they are just begging for a lil’ love.I used black ebony tite liner, and showed her how to properly apply her mascara; wiggle the wand deep into the roots before puling out toward the tips. This is especially crucial if you have blonde lashes. It lifts them and gives you extra definition at the lashline. I used a peachy cream shadow from lash to brow, and smudged a little mahogany Smashbox jetset into her upper lashline. I also did a little brow shaping and filled them lightly with a blonde pencil.

Julie dislikes the pinkness to her skin,so I evened her out with a teensy bit of airbrush foundation, and used a warm peachy blush and gloss instead of pink. Thinking I was going to feature her on Makeup Bag Monday, I discovered that Julie has a pink lip gloss obsession-eight glosses that are essentially the same shade. A warmer tone will do wonders on not pulling that ruddiness out in her skintone. I used MAC dazzleglass in “bare necessity”(One of my addictions!)

And because Courtenay had just gotten her hair done, I made her get in the pic too.

March 4, 2010

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