Makeup Bag Monday; Amanda

Amanda is a wedding photographer whom I know mainly through Facebook, but I hope we have the chance to work together very soon!

Her day-to-day routine is similar to mine; she is a work at home mom during the week, photographer on weekends.

She has skin concerns (don’t we all?); sensitivity, prone to breakouts, extreme combination type. She commented that she feels foundation only seems to exacerbate the issue.

She did not mention what skincare she is using, but I recommend the starter kit in Patricia Wexler below. Exfoliating regularly and using the salicylic pads will make the pores appear smaller and make her skin look more fresh. It will also make her foundation go on more nicely and wear longer. Her products adress oily skin and adult acne but don’t overdry like many systems can.

I also think she needs to incorporate a primer under her foundation; this will help mask any problems with large pores and oil breakthrough, (especially on those long days of shooting weddings)

I do not see a setting powder; if she set her foundation with a puff and a good translucent loose powder she would have a more polished finish plus better longevity.

Love the Hoola bronzer, but she also needs to pop a blush on top to bring out her cheekbones and brighten her face; she has beautiful bone structure.

Of course I applaud the lash curler; it’s the quickest non-makeup thing you can do to look refresed and bright-eyed (other than caffeine!)

There is a nice collection of eye colors here, but mainly all neutral.(I see a couple of lonely lavenders back there but i suspect they are largely neglected.) I would love to see Amanda incorporate shades that would provide contrast with her big brown eyes; a sapphire blue eyeliner, or a deep burgundy lid; or a wash of khaki or olive perhaps? (TIP: if busting outta your browns scares you, use color blended into your neutrals to get you used to the idea)

Amanda has gorgeous full lips, so the beigy gloss is a nice choice if you don’t want to look like you are “all lips”. (There is definitely something to be said for not making too much of a statement with your makeup when you are working a wedding)

I am trying to persuade Amanda to come in a play makeup with me IRL, so we will be sure to post pics of our session!

Amanda's bag
Amanda’s bag by nannobanan on

Items in this set:
Stila Smudge Pot Collection ($95 value) Smudge Pot Collection, $32
Duo Eyeshadow – Blade Runner, $32
NARS Blush Angelika, $26
Powder Laura Mercier
Acnescription™ Anti-Acne Starter Kit – Patricia Wexler M.D. – Bath &…, $30

February 23, 2010

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