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I am finding that fewer people want to conceal their tattoos than when I started really doing weddings frequently. Sure, once in a while you get someone who no longer likes something she got years ago (I once had an ultra conservative attorney with a Rolling Stones logo on her breast; she wanted it GONE) or a bride who wants every one of her bridesmaids to be sporting no ink. But ironically, now that I have my airbrush, I am hardly ever called upon for this anymore. Most women are proud of what they’ve had done and want to show it-or sometimes they wear a wrap or jacket over it in the church and reveal it for the reception.
I will say that DIY tattoo covering is very seldom effective and usually the products you have to buy are equal to the price of hiring a pro. You need highly pigmented products, and a variety of shades that are not found at Walgreens’.
Results can vary, depending on the size and coloration of the work.
With a very black, raised piece, such as a Celtic arm band that has been touched up several times, the results can be less than ideal, due to the texture under the color-corrected area.
The black can be covered but the skin is still raised.

I once covered a bridesmaid’s entire upper arm and shoulderby hand-the bride was not fond of the nude reclining woman piece, and the woman’s parents were unaware she even HAD a tattoo. That took over an hour but I was extremely proud of the result.
I airbrush a series of waterproof colors, alternating with special setting powders, sealing the whole thing with a makeup setting spray.

(image, Rock n roll Bride)

February 10, 2010

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