Makeup Bag Monday; Linda

Today we have a long-distance makeup bag submission, all the way from California! Linda is Alison’smom and she tells me she is in a bit of a rut.

I am going to start with the Dramatically Different Moisturizer. I don’t want to hurt the feelings of any loyal Clinique users out there, but DDL is as basic and bare bones as you can get as far as a moisturizer. Using this, particularly when you are over 40, is, in my humble opinion, like using a ten year old computer. You owe it to yourself to use a product with more active ingredients that is going to address issues such as lack or firmness, fine lines, and discoloration. DDL was formulated decades ago, and has seen no upgrades in that time, not even adding sunscreen!

Linda would be much better off investing the Olay Pro line, at the very least, their moisturizer with spf30. This way she is getting antioxidants and firming properties. She can also get their night creme with retinol to address discoloration.
Linda is just using the powder to even out her skintone, reserving a Clinique foundation for special occasions. I would rather see to do a dewier finish, like Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. This will also give her more spf. She should pitch this blush because she complains it never stays on. I chose a Bobbi Brown creme rouge for her that can also be used on the lips.
The lipstick looks fine.
The under concealer looks fine and she has a ton of it. She has a quickliner in brown and a Chanel liner in navy.I chose a cream liner to use with a small bent brush because i would like to see her phase out the pencils and if she were using the cream i think she would start to have more fun with it-you have the versality of making the line thin, Marilyn Monroe, or smudgy. Blue will make her eyes sparkle more too. Of couse I would love to see her do tight line with Laura’s cake liner, in navy, along with a flat liner brush. Alie must have hooked her on the fiberwig mascara., which is fine. Good to see that eyelash curler!
She is using the powder brow filler; she may want to add in a clear brow gel to set that and to groom the brows a bit.
Rather than using that neutral powder shade lash to brow, Linda would be better off with a creamy shadow base; it will give a much smoother look to the lid and will match her skintone better. I chose Laura Mercier in wheat.

linda's makeup bag
linda’s makeup bag by nannobanan on

Items in this set:
Laura Mercier Flat Eye Liner Brush Long Handled, $25
Smashbox – Cream Eye Liner Picasso ( Navy Blue ), $25
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge For Lips And Cheeks, $22
Laura Mercier Eye Liner Bleu Marine, $22
get bent brush – makeup brush, $12

February 8, 2010

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  1. Holly Marcuse says:

    I use Clinique's DDL…have for years and am getting tired of it. Also hate that there's no SPF. What other kind (in addition to the Olay) would you recommend for firmness/spf? I have recently tried Hope in a Jar but not too impressed…
    Thanks for the advise! Love your blog.

  2. nancy says:

    Hi Holly,
    Thank you so much!!
    Patricia Wexler, dermatologist to the stars, has a great skincare line at Batha nd body works. depending upon your skin type, you can certainly find a really good spf/firming moisturizer there that will give you so many more benefits from DDL. You should try one of her starter kits; they are an excellent value. good luck and thanks again for reading!

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