New weekly feature; Makeup Bag Mondays!

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of lunch with Alison Wenstrup, wedding planner extraordinaire.

On a whim, I asked her to bring her core products that she uses so I could take a peek. She and Tine Hofmannand I had so much fun with this that I am making it a new feature. I root through your stuff and tell you what to keep and what to chuck.
Overall, I was very impressed with Alison’s stuff; however, she doesn’t actually use most of it.

First off, theCaudalie moisturizer. Alie and Tine are both so flippin’ passionate about this product, it made me want to dash over to Sephora right then and there. I have not personally tried their products but have heard only good things. This is Alie’s splurge because she has very dry skin. But with what she invests in skincare, she saves in foundation. She rarely ever wears any makeup on her face. She owns the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, at my urging, but rarely ever wears it. I say that’s okay, because she has a very pretty complexion. She uses it only for when she really needs to look perfect. She also hardly uses the Mercier concealer (cool product; has the loose powder underneath) but she doesn’t have particularly dark circles either. (why do I like her so much, anyway?)

She has the Benefit dandelion powder-(more fun than functional, but that’s okay.) It has a pink tint to it, so it’s nice for those sallow days. She owns NARS Orgasm blush, but again, rarely uses it. I do want her to wear blush. It would really wake up her face, pop her cheekbones, and warm her up a bit.

She has two mascaras; Fiberwig (a “tubing” style mascara with a cult following) and Voluminous by l’oreal. She finds the L’oreal smudges under her eyes, even though it’s waterproof. The tubing one should not give her that issue, but I think when she’s done with it she should buy L’oreal’s beauty tubes instead and pocket the difference.

There’s a Hard Candy shadow quad, rarely used. Pretty neutral in shade but too sparkly IMHO. Save it for evening.

Then a NARS duo that is very pretty and she should use daily. (but doesn’t)

MAC dazzleglass in “baby sparks”, chosen by me on a shopping trip, so of course I deem it perfect. Mercier lipstick in “courtisane”-a perfect shimmery sheer rose.

The only thing Alie is sorely lacking is eyeliner. She needs to get Laura Mercier cakeliner in Mahogany and a flat liner brush and use it to tight liner her top lashes, everyday. STAT. That is my diagnosis of her makeup routine.

Would you like to be featured on Makeup Bag Mondays? I am in my studio every Wednesday from 12-5; show me whatcha got.

January 25, 2010

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  1. Alison says:

    I wore my courtisane today! And promise to make an effort with the blush. And the eyeliner. But seriously, Caudalie moisturizing cream is AMAZING for anyone with super dry and/or sensitive skin.

  2. tine hofmann tm photography says:

    yup Caudalie is my fav as well. It works very well for my skin which is dry and very sensitive.

  3. Kel Klump says:

    I am going to have to stop by one day and let you root through mine. I am sure there is plenty to diagnose with mine.

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