battling undereye circles

I put a shoutout on our facebook fan page asking for blog topic suggestions and had three people beg for advice with dark circles.

(Joan, Melissa, and Julie; this one’s for you!)

I am a longtime insomniac, so this is a topic I know a little about. As you can see, no one is immune to this issue, even Courtenay Cox. (Sorry to do that to ya girl, but you were my first match in the google search)

-First off, sleep of course is a factor. Your skin around your eyes is so delicate that lack of sleep, illness, vitamin deficiency, and dehydration show up here first.

But there are people who heredity has “blessed” with chronic darkness under the eye. My daughter, for example, had had blue circles since she was a baby. And no, I don’t put concealer on her. Yet.

-Be sure you are properly hydrating your eyes. So many people are lax about eye cream. I myself am guilty of this but I will say that when I am super vigilant about applying it morning and night I see a gigantic difference. People start asking what I am doing, why I look so “rested”. So yes, it does make a difference.

I love mass market brands and I love luxury brands.

Anything from Olay to La Prairie. The main thing is just to DO IT.

-Here is the third thing-using the correct shade is perhaps the biggest hurdle!

Most people choose something too pink-why they even make concelaer in pink undertones, I shall never understand. The trick is to counteract the shade of discoloration. Most people have a blueness to their undereyes that can only be corrected with orange or salmon shades. These are not easy to find!

I recently began using Eve Pearl’sconcealers (pictured above) and the difference is pretty unbelievable. Rather than “masking” the circle, it cancels it out, in a much more natural way. Now it is not cheap at $35-42, but if you are someone who is sometimes mistaken as a domestic violence case, it is well worth it. Please use a brush; it truly does make a difference because too much concealer is just as bad as not enough. Conceal only the area that is dark; resist the urge to do an entire half moon under the eye. Just as cortenay above has that line of ble extending from her tear duct, that is pretty typical for most of us. Stipple on directly over the darkness, carrying into the inner corner. Blend!

Here is the extra secret weapon; the setting powder.

Laura Mercier’s Secret brightening powder seems like an uneccessary indulgence, but once you try you will wonder where it’s been all your life. That teensy bit of iridescence bounces away shadows and gives you a very youthful look. Apply very sparingly-again, with a brush. You will be amazed.

other tricks-

-using a subtle shimmer at the inner corners of the eyes

-using an extremely pale, sheer light blue shadow (almost invisible)on the ball of your lid

-skipping mascara on the bottom lashes (I do generally love mascara on the bottom but if you are looking extra ragged, skip it. It creates shadow and drags you down if you already look tired)

January 20, 2010

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  1. Jules says:

    thanks for the tips Nance… Can't wait to try them out!

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