inspiration: Nine

Lately I have been completely obsessed with liquid liner. Thin line, ticked out at the ends or big wide stylized, as long as it’s black and very bold. I blame my recent viewing of the movie Nine, but my inspiration board in my office(which rotates depending on what I am researching) is currently covered with that same look. Mad Men of course has been a huge influence in makeup and fashion as well.

I am an aficionado of the liquid in a tiny vial and a separate brush, but many of the “marker” styles are quite satisfying to use too. I am currently wearing an (since discontinued; grrrr)ebony liquid by Laura Mercier that has a slight shimmer. LOVE the sparkle it gives my eyes. L’oreal makes a really nice one in a pen form. It does take a steady hand and a lot of patience to master this technique, because liquid liner is notoriously impossible to repair if you get it crooked or apply to much or your eyes don’t quite match. I like to start with a fairly thin line on each eye and build from there depending on what type of look I am trying to achieve. If a shaky had is a problem, try leaning your elbow on the counter. Many tutorials will advise you to hold the lid taut but I rarely find that necessary and to me it doesn’t give you a clear idea of what the line will actually look like after you release the skin.

I like begin in the middle of the lid and work outwards, and then later take that line to the inner corner, but most people come up with a way that feels natural to them.

Come get a liner lesson if you are still unsure-Wednesdays are my in-studio day!

January 11, 2010

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