Etiquette question: who pays?

I very frequently have my clients ask me if they are expected to pay for all their attendants’ makeup and/or hair, or if that expense is typically picked up my each bridesmaid. My answer is that I see both scenarios; I see brides who feel that pro makeup and hairstyling is a HUGE priority and gift each attendant with their makeup application. Just as many brides find that to be beyond their means and simply let their girls know that a makeup and hair artist will be there and if they are interested, it will be $x. I have also had brides who pick up a portion of the tab-we offer very lovely gift certificates in any amount. (hint:they also make a very creative shower gift for a bride who has already booked our services; what a treat to have an extra session for say, the rehearsal dinner?)

I strongly recommend that you send each attendant a link to the makeup and hair artist’s website so she can view the work and get an idea of her style. That way you can have a truly accurate headcount and be certain your artist has budgeted enough time for your entire party. I cannot tell you how many times a bride assumes her bridesmaids either cannot afford it or are not going to be interested-only to find that on the day of the wedding, there are three or four attendants begging to add on. Once they see the airbrush machine and lashes come out, they want it! And it is terribly sad when there is not adequate time to fit those ladies in.

image by April Rentz of Bluebird

January 5, 2010

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