Kelly, my “pin up’ bride!

Kelly has to be one of my most stylin’ brides ever. I told her I am dying to get a pinup style boudour shoot together with her; her figure and face just cry out for that whole vibe. She adores makeup and is totally fearless when it comes to trying new looks. Her hairpiece and all her bridesmaids’ flowers were designed by our very own PinMeUpCouture.

And get a load of those ridiculously hot shoes.

Kelly’s vintage glam makeup look was created with two very rich creme shadows; one a rich burgundy, which was layed with a dark steely blue/grey. I used mini faux eyelashes on her bottom lashes for a wide-eyed, “Betty Boop” effect. Her lip was a custom blend of two of my cherished lip tars by OCC; NSFW and uber.

She and all her attendants were airbrushed and they adored it; the lightweight feel and fabulous coverage won them over. Mollie and I rocked all eight of them out and they were a great crew.

I finally got to do a wedding with Studio 3Z. (after blog stalking them for the last year)

Stunning florals by Katie Elfers!

Also, if you are looking for a hotel convenient to downtown, Kelly was booked at Spring Hill suites Midtown (which makes me giggle; had no idea Cincinnati HAD a “midtown”. First a jumbotron on the square and now this? Watch your back, Manhattan!)

It is actually right at the foot of Eden park and it is gorgeous and their service was great too.

September 29, 2009

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  1. Kel Klump says:

    Love you much Nancy! I cant wait to work with you again. I will be in contact soon. I need some lip tarts!

  2. Katie says:

    seriously smokin'… you really nailed it Nancy 🙂

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