The perfect pick-me up

I love what I do and feel so fortunate to have a successful business, particularly in this economic climate. But any small business owner will tell you that no matter how much you adore your job, you have days where you wonder if it might just be easier to work for someone else again-you know; health benefits, paid vacations, weekends off…
Today I was having one of those days because I am feeling particularly overwhelmed.
Then lo and behold, this arrives in my inbox.

“Hi Nancy,
I am writing to thank you for the incredible job you did on the makeup for my July 4th wedding! After not sleeping at all the night before, you did an unbelievable job of moisturizing and covering the dark circles under my eyes! I should send you a copy of the before and after pics! I am so glad that we chose to have you there for the full day “red carpet treatment” package. My eyes needed serious attention and retouching all night long, and I would have been lost without you!
I knew I would love my bridal makeup after our trial run! However, with seven friends, my sister, sister-in law, mother and mother-in law in the group, it was amazing to have each one of them LOVE their makeup too. As we got onto the party bus and headed out to pictures, the bridesmaids were all saying how beautiful they felt and how much they loved their makeup. In fact, the girls were still coming up to me saying “best makeup ever” long into the night. We couldn’t believe how well it lasted (they had all been worried about getting it done early in the day for pictures).
I agree with all of your clients who find you to be a relaxing and calming influence on the day of the wedding. We also found you to be very reliable, talented, and fun! We had a great time getting ready the day of and loved having our makeup done. Thanks so much for adding to the happiness (and beauty) of my wedding day!
Sara Ramprasad (Forrester) and the entire bridal party! “

Thanks Sara-you rock!!!
(forgive my shameless reprinting of this rave. I just couldn’t resist.)

July 15, 2009

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