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Hi Nancy!

I first met you (although I’m sure you do not remember me) when I was a bridesmaid in Amy A’s wedding in May 2007. Since then, I’ve followed your blog and have recently gotten engaged myself (the wedding is October 17, of this year). I am getting married in Northern Indiana and will be doing my makeup myself. I feel confident in my makeup abilities, yet have a few questions that I would LOVE if you could answer for me. I have pretty sensitive eyes that water quite frequently upon wind or bright sunshine. I know allergies play a part in this as well. Are there any techniques you would recommend I use for applying eye makeup? Is there a particular brand you recommend for sensitive eyes? I’m also interested in false eyelashes for my wedding day. I know you are a fan of separate lashes, but my concern is that the glue will cause my eyes to water. Do you have any tips for applying/wearing lashes/not getting glue in my eyes? I know you are extremely busy, so any short answers to my questions would be greatly appreciated! Your work is amazing and I wish I had a wedding budget that allowed me to fly you to Northern Indiana for my wedding day! (don’t we all wish that!) Thank you!

Dawn R

Congratulations on your engagement Dawn!

I would first be sure you are keeping your eyes hydrated, either with saline drops or visine.

Use a shadow base to promote longevity and prevent creasing. Many people with sensitivities cannot tolerate too much red pigments (think purples, pinks, and coppers) or too much mica, which creates shimmer in some shadows. Choose highly pigmented shadows so you can use less product. Definitely go for waterproof eyeliner. I love to use a cake liner by Laura Mercier with a flat brush-it gives you a lot more control than a liquid liner and more staying power and versatility than a pencil.

You of course will want a waterproof mascara…

As for lashes, I would strongly advise you to have a friend apply them for you. The placement will be more accurate which will help them stay on all day. (do some practice sessions first; then you can also get used to the slight fumes from the glue)

Apply your undereye concealer last incase your eyes water during the application. Be sure to set the concealer with a tiny bit of translucent posder to prevent the concealer from settling or creasing.

Try to get a lesson on how to DIY your wedding day look-(I am actually offering these now; shameless plug!0

I hope that helps out-send us some images after the wedding please!

image by Steph Carson

June 3, 2009

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  1. Jen says:

    Wow, I could have written that post! Mascara always bothers me but I didn't have any problem when you did the false eyelashes. Honestly I'd rather just do the eyelashes and skip the mascara. I wear glasses most of the time b/c contacts bother me too much, but I did pop the contacts in right before we got ready and took them out at the reception so I wasn't wearing glasses for the ceremony and important photos. I wanted to try a specialty contact like Oasys but I didn't have time before the wedding. I agree that the high end cosmetics are less bothersome than the drug store variety. Look for products without fragrance, that helps too.

    Jen G.

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