Let’s talk lashes.

I am very frequently asked about faux lashes so I felt it warranted it’s own blog posting-or maybe a couple?

I prefer to use clusters of lashes (often referred to as “individual” lashes) as opposed to strip lashes for a variety of reasons. I think they look much more like natural lashes, and I feel more confident with their staying power through hours of wear and tears. A strip can look gorgeous from a distance, but can look very obviously fake in a close up shot. And once you start losing a little corner of a strip, it’s pretty much all downhill from there. Clusters also feel much more comfortable to the woman who finds strips to be heavy.

The clusters simply beef up the lashes you have-fill in the little gaps in between and make them look very lush and black, yet fluffier than multiple coats of mascara. For a more dramatic look, I use a longer lash, or do multiple rows of clusters. I also use a black glue, which essentially acts as extra definition in the lashline and doesn’t leave the telltale shininess of white, clear, or grey glues.

These lashes are trickier to apply than a strip lash and have to be done properly if you want them to last all day and night. On a lash without mascara, they can last for several days-if you are a back sleeper!

Lashes can make your eyes appear larger and brighter and definitely give you that extra pop in photography and from far away. And attention Mothers of the Bride:instant eye lift. No kidding.

And all photographers adore the downcast eye, right?

photo credits, from bottom left, clockwise; TM Photography, Steph Carson, Steve Lyons, Bluebird.

May 15, 2009

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you have any tips for applying them yourself?

  2. nancy says:

    As for doing them yourself, be sure to have a good, short pair of tweezers and a steady hand. They should be attaching right on top of your own lashes, which can be tricky because you don’t have the proper angle when doing them on yourself. It takes me much longer to do my own, and sometimes my glue dries up before I can finish! Lots of practice!

  3. Unknown says:

    I had individual lashes applied by a BRIDEface artist for my friend's wedding a few weeks ago and I LOVED the way my eyes looked. Do you recommend a particular brand of individual lashes?

  4. Unknown says:

    I had individual lashes applied by a BRIDEface artist for my best friend's wedding and I LOVED the way my eyes looked! Do you recommend a particular brand of individual lashes?

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