Grooming for the groom

It’s not something we make a huge deal of here at brideface, but we have been known to do a little touchup on the groom. (Notice how when you see a dude on the cover of a magazine, they never give a “makeup artisty” credit; they give a “grooming” credit? as if he doesn’t have makeup!)
Bill Clinton always got airbrushed because he has rosacea-maybe the airbrushing seemed more masculine to him than a sponge and puff?
I have eliminated unibrows, concealed dark circles and black eyes, covered monster zits, dusted bronzer…when I worked at Laura Mercier I can’t tell you how many women purchased the tinted moisturizer for their husbands. Apparently the guys were pilfering from their wife’s stash but it wasn’t necessarily the right shade. Tinted moisturizer is a nice way to go; it is very sheer but evens out any ruddiness and makes you look hydrated. Plus it has SPF 30. You don’t want him looking all Richard Nixon to your JFK, do you? I am not talking guyliner, but just a little refining.
Jean Paul Gaultier has a line of men’s makeup-not so sure about that-can you see your guy popping into Saks to buy these-?
Suggest to your fiance that he find one of those old school places with the hot towel shave-his skin will look all glowy and you can’t ask for a closer shave. I think a lot of the man spas have them, as well as the barber shops downtown. I will have to research that. If he is prone to getting ingrown hairs as a result of his shaves, have him incorporate Tend Skininto his daily routine. That will work wonders on those little bumps. Crazy long eyebrow hairs? My pet peeve. Either get those suckers with some nail scissors or send him to a pro, especially if he needs a little waxing in the middle. He will be finding his inner metrosexual in no time. and one last thing-if you are planning on those popular closeup shots of your hands-have him get a manicure. Point out to him that Tony Soprano gets them; couldn’t hurt.

April 26, 2009

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