flattery will get you everywhere

Jump over to Steph Carson’sblog for a very cool shot and blurb. *blushing*

March 29, 2009

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  1. amo says:

    Congrats – fantastic work, Nancy! I also noticed the yellow nails on Thurday – very fun. My first year of college I was wearing a pale powdery yellow nail polish alot and apparently my (future) husband noticed right away – before we ever met he was calling me the girl with the yellow toenails!

  2. Jen says:

    OK, where did you get that yellow polish? You had it on when I went to the studio- the mani did’t last that long, did it?


  3. nancy says:

    It’s Sally Hansen Insta-Dry and I am quite obsessed with it actually. I bought it on a lark and have been rockin’ it for like two weeks now.

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