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I received a letter in my inbox last week and I asked the bride if I could have permission to use it in my blog. My chance to play Dear Abby, if you will.

Hi Nancy!

I’ve been reading your blog from beginning to end to get tips for doing
my own wedding makeup. I’m emailing you with the hope that you might
have some make ups tips for my super oily skin.

The wedding budget is very small, so I can’t afford to have my makeup
done for me. And where I am in LA, make up artists are sooo pricey. I do wear makeup, sometimes not for months, sometimes every day, and am pretty good at applying the makeup I have, so I’m confident I can make my face look nice on the day of. However, I am having
problems keeping my makeup from getting oily. My face is very oily and about an hour after applying my makeup, I start to get super shiny.
I’ve tried everything I’ve heard before – use heavier moisturizer(keeps my skin
from drying out which is another problem, but only makes my skin more
oily in the long run), I exfoliate every other day with st ives
microderm scrub, I use Aveda cleanser & toner, aveeno moisturizers, and
I use oil-free makeup as much as possible (mainly Neutrogena and Physicians Formula). I have also tried the avon magix primer that you recommended, but again – one hour later, I’m shinier than a xmas ornament! I’ve also tried sephora’s primer, with the same result.
On the day of the wedding, I will use blotter paper to help the shininess, but that only lasts for so long too. I’m trying to find a solution that doesn’t involve piling on more products, if
possible. I’m also prone to black heads and period-pimples (even though I’ll be 30 in
a month!) so I don’t want to clog my pores any more than I already have.

If you have any tips for oily skin though, I would sooo appreciate

Thank you so much for your time! I know you are a very busy chica!

p.s. I love your blog! I love looking at the brides you’ve prettified!

Thanks Meghann. I am sure there are lots or readers who can relate. I used to have skin that oily but it has leveled off over the last ten years. However I STILL break out. So not right. But I digress.

You did not mention if the skincare you are using is specifically for acnaic skin. It sounds as if you could really benefit from a set like the Patricia Wexler kit sold at Bath and Body Works. It has glycolic pads in it that should really help, and I think you will love the oil free hydrator she sells.And I love that she addresses the needs of adult acne. The last thing you need is cleansers that overstrip and harsh toners.
Many dermatoligists recommend pore strips to combat blackheads, and they will make your pores appear smaller because they will be less clogged. And how cool is all the gross stuff that comes off on the strip, right?
You are right; the Avon majix is not a fantastic choice for the super oily.Try Laura Mercier oil free primer instead. It will control the oil without making you chalky dry like some oil absorbers can. A liquid oil free foundation is a better bet than a mineral powder one; the shimmer in them is nice for reflecting light in real life but can photograph very poorly. When you set with your powder, use a truly translucent one, not one with pigment. Otherwise the oil in your skin can turn that powder darker. And press the powder into your skin with a velour puff, not a fluffy brush. This will give you a great matte, velvety finish without a powdery look, and your makeup will last much longer.
Definitely get yourself some Model in a Bottle. It has a matte finish and will hold your makeup on like crazy. it is an absolute must have. You mentioned you hadn’t had much luck with blotting papers, but you hopefully will find if you are able to implement some of these products into your routine you will find you will barely need them!

March 19, 2009

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so very much!

    I will definitely try the Patricia Wexler products and the Laura Mercier primer.

    Is Model in a bottle available only through the website? And woul you recommend the Sensitive skin formula or the regular?

  2. nancy says:

    Before I started retailing MIB from my studio, I ordered it from their site and also from a few times.
    In my experience, the sensitive formula does not have as much staying power as the original. I have only had a couple clients be unable to use the original; and that is out of a couple hundred people.

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