Recessionista srategies part III

So I have been examining mass market brands with a fresh new eye towards what I could recommend to the Truly Frugal or the Truly Broke or a little bit of both. We are also branching into the prom market (more on that later this week) and I want to be able to tout allowance-friendly products too!

I already love Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara, it is one of my faves. I use it more on a personal basis than on clients though, because what makes it stellar is the giant fat brush and of course I have to use my wimpy disposable wands. But there is a new colored version of Lash Blast that I scooped up on sale at the Grand Opening of our luscious new Target. It was not only about two bucks cheaper than Walgreen’s, but I got a free eyeshadow as well. The snob in me knows I will be disappointed in the pigment of the lime green shadow, and will most likely pass it on to Ella to play with. She has a plan to open a lemonade/makeover stand this summer and call it kidface. Seriously. So she will need some inventory.

I snatched up my beloved Almay makeup remover pads for four bucks at Target. I am also testing Loreal HIP brand. I have been trying to find a replacement for a black cream shadow from MAC (damn you for discontinuing stuff) so I thought I would give HIP a whirl. Comes with a cute little brush too, that doesn’t even look worthless. Haven’t used it yet so can’t review but looks cool on my hand.

Then yesterday I was at Bigg’s buying groceries and cruised through cosmetics so I could see what I saved on the Lash Blast. I found a line called POSH that sells brushes, sponges, puffs, and sharpeners. There was a brush set marked down to $5 that had a powder brush(useless and mangled looking but I’m gonna try to wash it and see if I can reshape) a lash comb (only okay) a wide shadow brush (really nice shape and quality) a foundation brush (not bad)and a very cool synthetic oval brush that I would probably use for concealer, but they call an eyeliner brush. It also came with a spray bottle of a very nice quick-dry brush cleaner-but I couldn’t find it sold seperately. And it comes in a cute bag; what a great starter set for the Brush Virgin. I also bought a couple more brushes-a teensy synthetic one to attempt to replace a fab one I lost, and a really cool squat dome brush; each about 3-4 bucks. Overall, very impressive quality for the price.

March 7, 2009

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I love the HIP!! I only have two little circles of the powdered eye shadow, but it lasts and doesn’t slide off, something that most drugstore shadows don’t, and it doesn’t burn my eyes. I hate that Loreal put’s fragrance in some lipsticks so I haven’t tried the HIP ones yet. I’m waiting for a good drugstore sale to get more goodies. Check out Big Lots, they used to have some of the Almay remover pads.


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