Recessionista Strategies Part II

I am really hair impaired, so I asked my friend Liz Carter of The Rustic Pear to give us some of her expert advice. (She loves to do on location wedding hair so give her a call! 513 312 5005)Liz, take the floor-

Saving money on hair….first of all…I don’t recommend many drug store products..there is a difference between professional products and store bought ones….and you won’t save money buying diverted “professional” products in the stores either. My favorite line is Tigi/Bed Head….they are reasonably priced and do what they say….also, a little goes along way….one of the biggest mistakes people make with hair product is thinking more is better…..when the reality is, less is more. Also, using up what you have before you buy new is something I ALWAYS recommend.Cutting…make sure your stylist does some texturizing and personalizing after the cut is dried and styles….properly texturizing and blending a haircut will make it last longer and grow out nicer.Color…If you are coloring to cover grey maybe adding in some hilites and lolites so that as the grey grows in, it’s more camoflaged…also, you can get those little root touch up kits at the store that aren’t permanent and they’re pretty effective in stretching your color another week or so. If you get hilites….definitely using more than one color and get the hilites in a fine weave rather than slicing…looks more natural and you get more mileage out of it.

March 5, 2009

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  1. Aviva Events says:

    OK Liz, here is my question for you! What is the difference between professional products in a drug store versus in the salon? Using Tigi as an example — I can find it at Target and I can find it at the salon… what is the difference other than price?? Thank you for your wonderful wisdom 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    The biggest problem with buying professional product anywhere other than from your hair care professional is not having the advice of your stylist on what you need and how to use it. Would you buy skin care from the same guy who sells you kitty litter?

    Beyond that….there can be a serious danger to buying diverted product. You don’t know if it is counterfeit or the age of it. I once found a bottle of shampoo on a shelf at Kroger…trouble is the shampoo in question hasn’t been manufactured in over 20 years.

    Also, you have no recourse if there is a problem if you don’t buy it at a salon.

    Hope that helped 😉

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