Inspiration from the red carpet

I did not “review” the looks from the Oscars; there are enough of those post-mortems! However, I know my clients are sometimes at a loss when I ask them to bring me pictures of makeup looks they would like for their wedding. Bridal magazines tend to have some very bland makeup in their fashion spreads, and the makeup in bridal ads is usually very dated looking.

These were some of my favorite looks-and do note that all of these gorgeous women are wearing some color on their lips-no nudes, champagnes, or pale pinks in the bunch. (Not to say women were not sporting those lip at the Oscars-they just did not make brideface’s Hall of Fame.)

Are you seeing the huge “Mad Men” influence in the ticked- up black liquid eyeliner, and the matte, deep toned lips-? Jven January Jones has a modernized, very amped-up version of the makeup style she wears on the show, and I am obsessed with the orange lip-I think we will be seeing a lot of orange, judging from Fashion Week. And a huge return to Lipstick, with a capital L; sheer gloss will be less important. Her brows are absolutely amazing.

Very glam, very Old Hollywood.

March 4, 2009

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  1. Melaina25 says:

    The question is can I get Kate Winslet’s look without botox 🙂

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