What color is your “O”-?

I love Smashbox, though I don’t have a ton of it in my kit. I was recently given the “o-gloss” as a free sample at Sephora, which inspired me to go back and try The “O-Glow” I had purchased months before and had forgotten.

“O gloss” would be perfect for a bride who favors a natural lip because it has a rosy, healthy look without being a ton of color. And it is a different shade on everyone.It even seems to have a bit of a plumping effect, and I can use all the help I can get in that department. I blew through my miniature tube very quickly so I guess it’s time for a full size one-make that two; one for me, one for the kit. I think they make a new one now that has more plumping properties.

The “o-glow” is supposed to flush your cheeks like you’ve just had an-well, you know. I don’t know about that; on me, it is way too pink. It looks like I have a fever more than I have been doing something naughty. I adore a very flushed cheek, but that was a little bit much, even for me. In fact my six year old asked what that red stuff was on my face, so that can’t be good. I plan to try this on a more olive skintone and see how it goes. It comes out of the tube like a clear gel but turns sort of fuschia on your cheeks and fingertips once you manipulate it. So that part is fun, I just think the undertones are a bit too blue for me and a lot of the population.

Nars apparently thinks a woman flushes more apricot when she has an orgasm, as is evidenced by their top selling blush by the same name. A much better shade for me, as it compliments by yellow undertones. It also has a little shimmer in it-it is the perfect peachy pink.

Wonder what kind of research went into formulating these shades-?

March 2, 2009

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  1. Aviva Events says:

    I love Nars. Although was a bit awkward a few years back explaining to my mother that I wanted their Orgasm set (blush + gloss) for my birthday.

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