Slacker Blogger!

Last week was a little overwhelming so I apologize for my lack of posting!

The technology gods were conspiring against me and I had not only crackberry meltdown, but email issues as well. If you did not hear back from us, please shoot us another missive; we are back up and rolling now and apo

We had a fabulous Open House yesterday! We met a lot of new clients and visited with some of our favorite vendors; Kristen of LetterHeads, Matt Pine of Lifetime, Steve Zugelter of GlassEye, Liz Carter of Rustic Pear Salon,and Steph Carson.

I unfortunately was not organized enough to take any photos of of all the makeup artists in our new brideface tees, but I think Matt has some footage in the works, if I can ever decide upon a brideface theme song; any ideas???

February 16, 2009

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  1. Melaina25 says:

    “Here Come the Girls” you can use the retro version or the Sugababes version…

  2. Aviva Events says:

    Yesterday was great! All of your artists are so fabulously talented; it was fun to see everyone all at once. And I like the song you played for Matt ~ you should use that one!

  3. Vanessa says:

    I was sad that I ended up not being able to make it but am glad to hear it was fabulous!

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