Blush;Episode 3

Sorry that I am just getting around to blogging Blush. I am finding very few people that are watching this-is it because it is on Lifetime and people don’t know about it-?
At any rate, I was glad to see that the judges did a challenge completely based on eras, because it took Sharzad out immediately. Apparently the only reference she has in life is Madonna, but unfortunately that will not help her with the 20’s. Maxi continued his Big Freak role, leaving the apartment in a huff in a black lace dress and matching parasol. Why do I get the sense that he is not truly eccentric-that he actually works at a Bob Evans and wears polo shirts-but he just needed a gimmick to get on the show-?
Naturally I want to talk about the bridal challenge. First of all I felt sorry for these brides, having to worry about these people on their wedding day. I am still conflicted as to how this was even a challenge. My feeling was that they ought to be judged for their professionalism with the clients; their ability to translate the bride’s wants and needs, and ultimately how happy the bride was with the finished look.
Evidently that was not enough for the judges because they felt the need to insult the looks even when the brides said they loved them.
The judges really liked the Asian bride, but I felt that her skin looked unfinished, and one of her bridesmaids was way more glam than the bride-a huge no no in my book.
Joanna Schlip was especially dismayed by the bride I posted above. Okay, so I feel the look was very dated and probably more “local news anchor” than blushing bride. But I do really believe the bride loved it. So what’s the harm? I feel that my job is to try to steer my client into what will flatter her features, compliment her dress and hair, and make her feel comfortable and beautiful. And hopefully her aesthetic is in harmony with mine-but what if it’s not-? Just as an interior designer must morph into shabby chic, post-modern, or French Country, I have to give the client what she wants.
Why is it so cool for one bride to embrace the forties glam look, but it’s not so okay for a bride to want to look like an 80’s newscaster? I feel like Schlip was trying to inject her own taste into the judging, but it’s not her wedding. We all see people out and about with tendrils, “mall bangs” and mullets and wonder “What hairstylist still does that to him/her?” At what point does the stylist coax the client into this decade-or is that client simply fabulous for doing their own thang?
I have many brides who put their face entirely in my hands and say “You are the expert. You tell me.”
Conversely, I have brides who want Specific Looks; Goth; Drag Queen(seriously)…I have clients who desrire much less makeup than I would personally recommend-and much more than I would recommend. All I can do is show her how I think she looks most gorgeous and let her make her own decisions from there. If I bully someone into “my vision”, she will hate looking at her wedding pictures forever.
One of my hairstylist friends did a wedding a few months ago where the theme was “Barbie Fairytopia”-think huge, over the top, hoop skirted dress with plunging neckline, yards and yards of hair extensions, and RuPaul makeup. Ooookay.Was it her job to tell the client that wasn’t so much her taste and she wasn’t willing to do it-?
So you tell me; what is the stylist’s responsibility?
Rant over. Seacrest out!

November 30, 2008

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nancy…I have been trying to catch this show but never seem to find it! What night does this show air??

  2. nancy says:

    it is on Lifetime at 10pm on Tuesday nights. Let me know what you think!

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