“Blush”-episode two

I should preface this by saying that I am not particularly well versed in reality shows, but I wish that they wouldn’t edit the footage in such a way that it is completely obvious from the first moments of the show who will be going home.

Rainell is fearful, defensive, baiting Myke for being experienced-huh-?- and she utters what will be my new catchphrase in the coming week, whether anyone gets the reference or not; “Somebody had to get the monkey.”

Poor Marcel from friends-this is what he is reduced to?

My first comment in the animal/body makeup challenge is- that is Max Factor makeup? Riiiiigghht. I am sure that I can go to the corner CVS and get that black pigment that they used to make the zebra.

But okay we know who the sponsor is, I get it. Couldn’t they give these hags a freakin’ airbrush machine?

The eye for the zebra look blew me away-though it wasn’t clear whether that was Todd’s or Nolan’s work. I kind of hate that it appears that Charlie Green loves the gay boys but hates the women. Again; probably editing. But overall I just love her presence on the show and her kookiness. You can get away with so much as a Brit-an American woman, same age, turned out like that-? Plz.

Overall this challenge was a little disappointing. The real drama comes when Djak comes to do the fashion shoot.

I was really hoping to see Nolan without makeup at the 5am wakeup call, but no dice. And although they were hustled to the set “in 15 minutes” they were all flawlessly made up shortly therafter. maybe they are such brilliant arists that they all did it in the car on the way over?

Okay, the challenge.

Here’s where I had to start hurling powder puffs at the TV. Once again, the contestants display way more swagger than knowledge. No one understood the direction, very few were familiar with the makeup look of the forties, and none of them were able to take Djak’s criticism and adjust to his vision. Of course we get a classic tantrum from Maxi, complete with tears AND a mini fan. Oh-and a mirrored headdress.

Sharzad’s style is much like the she does her own makeup; very dated and done in a way that ages the subject drastically. Sign me up; we all want that. And Rainell had her conviction that purple eyehadow was a big iconic look of the forties and refused to change it. Maxi thought he could erase a woman’s head and magically make her Dita Von Teese. Farah really did kick some butt though. But everybody else just did their own thang-some very hot-but not what the photographer wanted.

And of course next week they are doing bridal. I cringe because they will all make the requisite bridezilla jokes.

What did everybody else think?

November 19, 2008

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