Blush; makeup reality series on Lifetime

So who is watching this?

I just watched the first episode today and I am hooked. Obviously they have some wackos on there to add the drama, like any of these competition shows. I mean really Maxi? A mask?

But it is clear that they were more concerned with personality than with skills. The first person that they eliminated had no business even being in the original mix. I am sure she does a perfectly nice beauty application, but she just had the imagination of the back wall of a handball court. I absolutely howled when she said “Glitter? Feathers? Those will just not stay on if you’re dancing at a disco.” She kept going on about how she was going to stay true to what she was good at but she had more makeup on her own face than she put on either one of her models.

And the 25 year old-“Sharzad”-who protested that she shouldn’t be expected to know anything about disco at her age. Well she didn’t know anything about Madonna either. When Charlie Green told her she had to get her references right, I cheered. Any artist-an actor, director, cartoonist, photographer, etc.-has to know all major pop culture references, have a working knowledge of world history and of different eras. Matthew Weiner was just a baby in the 60’s, but she sure knows what he’s doing with Mad Men.

Maxi boasts that he’s “done more music videos than anyone on the planet”. He just never lets us in on what planet that is. He is clearly talented-what is unclear is if he is truly as insane as he appears or if it’s all for show.

Nolan seems to be a favorite but I was a little “meh” about his work so far. The eye was cool in the “disco” one but nothing about that look said disco to me and the makeup on the face seemed a bit sloppy.

I did like that the women they worked with in the second challenge all had pretty average to poor skin-you could really see which of them had actual skill with perfecting the face. In fact, Maxi kind of lost it when he saw the pics because he had expected them to be photoshopped so he spent all his time on the stencils and none on covering his model’s acne.

How about Todd putting curry in his poor model’s eye? Priceless.

So what did everybody else think?

November 17, 2008

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  1. Aviva Events says:

    ooh it is scheduled in my dvr but i have not yet watched — i’ll make sure to so we can discuss 🙂

  2. Melaina25 says:

    I saw a clip of it on “The Soup” and I am now determined to find it online somewhere….

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